Strymon - Deco Tape Saturation & Double Tracker Pedal

$489.00 $599.00

Strymon - Deco Tape Saturation & Double Tracker Pedal

$489.00 $599.00
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  • SKU: Z12U-DECO
  • Brand: Strymon
  • Type: Pedal
  • Availability: Out stock

Tape saturation & doubletracker FX pedal

Deco gives you vintage tape effects from the earliest recording studios, right on your pedalboard.

Deco's Tape Saturation smooths out your sound with familiar and delicious tape compression and saturation, while fattening it with subtle tape-driven transparent overdrive. The Doubletracker provides the power to shift your sound in many ways, easily allowing you to achieve syrupy slapback tape echoes, psychedelic tape flanging, and gorgeous tape chorusing sounds.
Our journey begins with the early recording studios of the '50s and '60s. The introduction of reel-to-reel tape machines and the creative engineers that used them brought on some of the fattest sounds imaginable. These early machines really were the first effect pedals—they just wouldn't have fit on your pedalboard!
From the inherent warmth and luscious tape saturation—to the forgotten art of how these machines were manipulated—they are capable of creating a huge range of beautiful, distinctive, and enveloping sounds.Deco brings this original inspiration back, giving you these vintage tape effects from the earliest recording studios, right on your pedalboard.

Key features:

  • Tape Saturation: Get the smooth & warm qualities of analog tape
  • Transparent Overdrive: Saturate your tone without colouring it
  • Slapback Echo: Fatten up your lead times with a short tape echo
  • Tape Chorus: Produce a thickened guitar tone like slightly out-of-sync tape reels
  • Auto-flange: Create a classic swirling tone like pressing on a tape machine's flange
  • Wide Stereo Mode: Gives you the option for extremely wide stereo imaging to broaden & intensify the sound of your stereo rig
  • Expression pedal control input
  • Separate bypass footswitches allow you to bypass the Tape Saturation & Doubletracker individually
  • TRS stereo input
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