Anasounds Utopia Analog Delay Pedal


Anasounds Utopia

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Warm and Vintage

Tape echo delay enhanced by a deep modulation made to magnify your sound from atmospheric soundscapes to the craziest driving solo.

The Anasounds Utopia is a tape echo pedal linked to a modulation with variable speed and depth.

Echoes and filtering applied let you find a very warm, vintage sound.

Calibrated for echoes from 0 to 400ms (can go up to 600ms) it’s primarily designed to be left on 90% of the time for a beautiful slap-back.

It will also enhance and accentuate your sound in the mix, when coupled with an overdrive or a distortion.

In this version we have decided to add a modulation, strike a chord and transport yourself to the other side of the galaxy!

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