Anasounds High Voltage


Anasounds High Voltage

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  • SKU: ANA-voltage
  • Brand: Anasounds
  • Type: Pedal
  • Availability: In Stock

High Voltage from AC/DC

As Malcolm Young said “Nobody would pay attention to anything that was going on until you kicked them right in the teeth with it. », it is in this spirit that the High Voltage was designed, a Plexi distortion pedal that strongly smash publics’ face. Thanks to his bass killer switch, the chords are powerful and they easily stand out in the mix! This is the end of sticky and fuzzy distortions which drool everywhere. only good sound, dynamics and energy.

It is from this perspective that the Anasounds team, advised by fans of AC/DC, developed this new pedal. At first, the sound was supposed to be close to a Marshall Plexi pushed to 11 but finally they made a frequency analysis of « It’s a long way to the top (if u wanna rock’n’roll) » from the album High Voltage. The chords of the intro are so powerful, so clear and so recognizable, that it was time to launch a pedal that finds back their tone more easily.

Do not be mistaken, with all the available pots and trimpots, it is also very easy to create its own tone!

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