Anasounds Ages Harmonic Tremolo Pedal


Anasounds Ages Harmonic Tremolo

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Harmonic tremolo is one of the rarest and most interesting effects, allowing you to make your sound highly personal. It brings a much livelier motion than a tremolo, it doesn’t have the outdated stigma of the chorus, and it takes up less space than a delay or reverb.
Whether you’re looking to give your arpeggios a hypnotic edge or to add some thickness to your melodic lines, the Ages brings you a new take on modulation.


Harmonic tremolo lives under many names:
vibrato, harmonic vibrato, harmonic tremolo, vibe, univibe, and so on.
In every instance, the goal remains the same, i.e. to change the pitch of your notes in a cyclic way (rather than changing the volume like a regular tremolo) while putting the lows and highs out of phase. That separation between frequencies evokes the Leslie cabinet, and it’s not just by coincidence:
the first harmonic tremolos, including the Univibe and the built-in vibratos from old Magnatone amps, have been designed to emulate the Leslie. But those newer references have of course become sought-after effects in their own right, and a few makers have designed their own version since then.

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