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Anarchy Audio - Reignmaker

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A high gain overdrive distortion pedal with a unique three band eq. This is a pedal for fans of high gain lead and, or heavy riffing.

The High/Mid/Bass EQ section is unlike a standard tone control, it is recommended to set these three controls on full initially and adjust back from there.

As the Gain control is turned up, more treble content is introduced, and adjustments may be required with the High control and Shift toggle.

NOTE: When using the Reignmaker as the main distortion pedal on a clean channel, the EQ and Gain controls should be set differently as opposed to using the Reignmaker as a front end overdrive boosting into a tube amplifier crunch channel.

  • Volume - output level
  • Gain - amount of distortion
  • High - treble frequencies
  • Mid - amount of midrange
  • Bass - amount of low frequencies
  • Shift Toggle - slight mid EQ shift, and high end roll off

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