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Anarchy Audio - Baa Bzz Fuzz

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The Baa Bzz by Anarchy Audio is a re-creation and modern interpretation of the Fuzz tones, found within the highly sought after vintage Roland Bee Baa. This classic circuit is all about two distinct tones; thick wool and mid scooped buzz. Difficulty balancing between the two modes along with high noise and lack of unity gain, left something to be desired in the Roland Bee Baa.

These issues are addressed on Anarchy Audio’s Baa Bzz, with additional tonal shaping options to suit the modern player’s needs.

Baa Bzz is the definition of aggressive high gain fuzz and endless sustain, with each pedal being meticulously hand wired and assembled in Perth, Western Australia.

Controls for:
SHIFT - Blend between the mid scooped to mid bumped fuzz modes pf the original
TONE - Bass and treble control
GAIN - Sustain of note decay
VOLUME - Output
FILTER - Smooth or raspy top end
True bypass
Requires power via 2.1mm centre negative jack
No battery option

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