Why you need a Power Supply

Why you need a Power Supply

What For?

Simply put, a Power Supply is used to power anywhere from 1 to 14 pedals and sometimes more depending on types of gear used. A Power Supply is usually made to fit conveniently under the pedal board and comes with cables to reach pedals across the pedalboard.



Many pedals can take batteries as an alternate source of power, but you may find that the costs of replacing batteries for multiple pedals can add up very quickly. Which is why many players opt for the convenience of a Power Supply to power their pedals. Yes they can sometimes be costly upfront but this is outweighed by the fact that you’ll never need to by batteries again.


How Much Should I Spend?

This will be answered a bit better in the next section as it will really depend on what you personally need. Both Strymon and Voodoo Lab offer power supplies that are good for both small and large pedalboards. That being said, there is a lot of debate over brands and whether a Strymon Power Supply is better than a Voodoo Lab Power Supply. Really, both are excellent choices. On one hand Strymon Engineering is seriously well built gear and are at the top of many players lists. And then Voodoo Lab has been trusted by both professionals and Studio players for many years. Bottom line is that both offer truly clean power, it just depends on your budget, personal needs and also preference.


What Power Supply is right for me?

Many players ask about ‘daisy chains’ vs Power Supplies and what they should get. Really the answer depends on your own personal needs. For instance, if you are using 2 – 4 9v pedals then you’ll find something like the ‘1 Spot Combo Pack’ will do the job perfectly well for a more than reasonable price.

Once you start using pedals that have require 12v or 18v then you need to be thinking about a larger and well-built Power Supply with isolation. Some Power Supplies feature switchable jacks which means that you have more flexibility available to you.

A Power Supply can come with anywhere from 5 to 14 jacks available starting with the ‘Strymon Ojai’ that features 5 9v outputs to the ‘Voodoo Lab Mondo’ which features a massive 14 total outputs with 6 of these switchable between 9v and 12v and the other outputs either 9v or 12v isolated high 400mA.

Again this brings us back to getting what’s right for you! There isn’t always one right answer, but one thing is for sure…… Tone Soup is here to help 


Where to Buy?

Checkout our range of Power Supplies from Strymon, Voodoo Lab and 1Spot.


And remember…..

Always feel free to call about any questions you may have or you can always email us as well.

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