What is a boutique guitar pedal?

What is a boutique guitar pedal?

Floyd Rose. Machine Heads. Action. Tablature. Power Chord.

From the moment you picked up a guitar, it opened up a whole new world of skills and expanded your vocabulary. Guitar terminology can feel like a whole new language at first, but it becomes second nature after a while.

While on topic, here's a new word for you if you haven't heard it before; boutique.

What is a boutique guitar pedal?

Ultimately, a boutique guitar pedal is handmade and sits at the high-end of the effects pedal spectrum. It's not just the look of the pedal that makes it boutique, but also the way in which it alters your guitar tone to achieve a superior sound. 

Buy premium boutique guitar pedals at Tone Soup

We retail premium boutique guitar pedals from very reputable manufacturers. We have a whole range of unique handcrafted models that allow you to customise your guitar tone. You'll discover a superb and superior sound from a boutique guitar pedal and we wholeheartedly believe it's worth parting with a little extra cash to reach that upper echelon of quality.

Furthermore, there is a level of prestige that comes with owning a pedalboard that features boutique effects pedals. In fact, some boutique pedals are highly valued collectibles. While mass produced budget-friendly pedals serve their purpose, the care, craftsmanship and superior tone you'll find in a boutique guitar pedal is what makes it worth your extra spend. 

Why it's worth purchasing a boutique guitar pedal

Here is a list of advantages:

  • More attention to detail and quality control is put in place¬†given that the assembly of a boutique guitar pedal is carried out by a human
  • It's a labour of love carrying out the manufacturing process¬†and more care is put into the final product, such as hand wiring all components
  • Premium materials¬†are used in the manufacturing of¬†the pedal chassis and associated components
  • Most are designed and manufactured in western countries
  • Colourful, clever and vibrant designs¬†featuring quality paint
  • Limited production run of boutique pedals¬†by most¬†manufacturers
  • Extra profit obtained by¬†manufacturers¬†goes into producing a high-end product, time and time again

But most of all, you'll achieve a unique guitar tone!

Tips on choosing the best boutique guitar pedal for your needs

Boutique pedals are available in a range of shapes, models, and functionality. Every manufacturer tries to produce unique, distinct and creative designs.

When buying a boutique pedal, you have to ask yourself some questions, Does the pedal:

  • Produce a tone that is unique to cheaper options?
  • Integrate with your current pedalboard setup?
  • Refine your guitar sound?
  • Offer configuration¬†options to shape¬†your tone?

The value of a boutique guitar pedal

While some low-priced pedals offer impressive value, you may find they have plastic controls and complicated wiring. On the contrary, boutique pedal manufacturers design pedals with a dedication to quality and simplicity.

Boutique pedals provide a high-end option with aesthetic designs and premium sound. These handmade pedals are the right choice for local musicians and touring professionals alike. Stereo connections, software content updates, MIDI compatibility, and other features are available to you at the best possible price. 

Furthermore, boutique guitar pedals help you achieve versatility and many feature plug-and-play applications. You'll also discover a longevity, not just in the lifetime of the product, but also in the pedal's collectability.

Grab one today

Now it's your turn to get your hands (and feet) on a quality boutique guitar pedal! Check out our range.

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