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Australia's Home of Boutique Guitar Pedals!
Australia's Home of Boutique Guitar Pedals!
Guitar Pedals and Accessories at Tone Soup

Guitar Pedals and Accessories at Tone Soup

As your guitar skills develop, you will progressively notice (pun intended) an eagerness to enhance the sounds you are producing. There are plenty of guitar accessories out there, such as mini guitar amps and cabinets that can help improve your sound. However, we believe you'll get the most bang for your buck from the correct use of boutique guitar pedals. Read on to see how you can transform your tone using the guitar pedals and accessories, and setting up your pedalboard the right way!

Tone Soup stock a range of guitar pedals:

You'll discover some capabilities that you can use to control dynamic sounds and nailing that perfect distortion. You may even unearth the ability to control stereo panning which can help you stand out from the support acts when playing live.

However, having the most amazing guitar pedals and accessories in the world won't mean much if you do not have your pedalboard in the correct order.

Building your pedalboard for rock and metal

Ensure your signal path is not being disrupted or discoloured. Your sequence of effects pedals should be arranged in such a way so that any volume control is at the start of the overall pedal chain. Any compressor pedals should be placed second, in order to tame signal peaks. A Whammy or wah pedal should then be added after compression in order to smooth potential artifacts in your sound. Then comes your overdrive pedal, putting it here in your chain will achieve a clipped, compressed and fatter sound. After overdrive you should add your fuzz and distortion pedals, followed by modulation, delay and reverb. Having your delay and reverb before your drive pedal can result in muddy tones and volume jumps. Arranging your guitar pedals and accessories in the correct order can make such a difference to your tone, so make sure you take heed!

We stock the following for your pedalboard setup needs:

Accessories for your tone

We stock a range of Nano Legacy mini amps that can help you achieve a "scooped" hard rock / metal high gain sound.

Achieve your new tone today with Tone Soup's guitar pedals and accessories

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