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Australia's Home of Boutique Guitar Pedals!
Australia's Home of Boutique Guitar Pedals!
A photo of a guitar pedalboard plus Tone Soup's advice on the first guitar pedal to buy

Are you new to guitar?

If so, then here’s our advice on the first guitar pedal to buy.

Before COVID-19 struck, it was the dream to hit the road in a touring band as a professional guitarist. With the live entertainment industry grinding to a halt, bands like Foo Fighters can't be bothered waiting for the pandemic to subside and are releasing new music to the masses via streaming services.

Nothing beats live music, and for now, we are all having to make do with the new music our idols are releasing after bunkering down and writing tunes in their studios.

Local music equipment stores in Australia have seen a rise in retail because of the pandemic, with musicians of all skill levels getting their hands on new toys to get them through lockdowns and the like. We are proud to be part of the music equipment retail industry, and are here to fulfill your GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) needs.

The first guitar pedal to buy

If you're a beginner looking to emulate sounds similar to that of your favourite guitarists, then you've come to the right place. We stock many guitar pedals that will help you achieve the dream tone you've been searching for.

Are you wondering which is the first guitar pedal to buy? Well that can depend on the genre of music you play. Hopefully our advice below can best guide you.

While some guitarists are more than happy plugging directly into their amps, you may want to achieve some customisation. Here is a list of the most commonly chosen guitar pedals for beginners.

Guitar tuner

If you're still not at the stage of tuning by ear, a tuner pedal is very handy. Not only does it help you achieve perfect tune, you can also mute your signal between songs during a live performance - handy for those guitarists in Perth who are able to perform live music during the COVID-19 pandemic! Just make sure you've got a chatterbox in your band to interact with the crowd to fill in the awkward silence.

As your playing advances, your setlist may feature songs in different tunings. While you've tuned your guitars before hitting the stage, it's always good to quickly check after you've switched between guitars.

Some pedals even have polyphonic tuning capabilities, allowing you to strum all the strings on your guitar instead of assessing every string separately.

Delay pedal

Delay effects are applicable to most music styles, and a good option for a beginner. If you're experimenting with solos, a delay pedal can help thicken your tone. There are variations of delay pedals, some guitarists like analog delay as it produces a warm effect. Another option is digital delay which provides you with precise control of the delay.

Drive pedal

A drive pedal can help you with contrasting your ethereal clean tone. Drive pedals enable you to create a range of distorted tones not usually created by your amp. 

What to look for in a guitar pedal

Finally, we need to unequivocally state that durability, reliable workmanship, and high-quality are other important factors to look out for when investing in your first guitar pedals. The best pedals are solid in their construction while delivering enhancements to your tone.

Get your first guitar pedal now!

You can buy guitar pedals online and get the best product to refine your performance. Our website will help you to find the right pedal for your needs.

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