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Australia's Home of Boutique Guitar Pedals!
Australia's Home of Boutique Guitar Pedals!
A Real Gamechanger

A Real Gamechanger

You'll be pleased to know that we stock Gamechanger Audio pedals here at Tone Soup! Play your music through a bolt of blue lightning for a killer tone achieved through overdrive and distortion!

Why Gamechanger Audio is a real game-changer

Both the Plasma Pedal and the Plasma Coil are a revolutionary approach to signal clipping. Circuits, transistors and vacuum tubes are a thing of the past when it comes to Gamechanger Audio, with both pedals transforming your live signal into high-voltages discharges inside a xenon-filled tube. You can even see the electrical discharges on both pedals!

Furthermore, Gamerchanger Audio pedals are the first in history to amplify an audio signal to 3,500 volts! To quote the great Bon Scott, that's some serious High Voltage Rock 'n' Roll! 

Gamechanger Audio pedals come with a natural noise gate and achieve harmonic artifacts unlike any pedal you've used. When you play the Plasma Pedal or the Plasma Coil, you can expect some incredible tone enhancements such as rich and responsive attacks, shrieking sharp overtones and harmonics.

While Gamechanger Audio pedals are awesome for enhancing your guitar tone, you can add some crunchy distortion to electronic beats, synths and samples.

Join your game-changing idols 

Did you know that the likes of Mike Kerr from Royal Blood, Adam Jones from Tool and Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones use Gamechanger Audio pedals live on stage? We can all agree that these guitarists are game-changers in their own rights, whether it be Mike's meaty groove, Adam's trippy prog or Keith's old school rock.
Know that you can get international quality boutiqueGamechanger Audio guitar pedals from Tone Soup as chosen by the worlds most respected musicians from us here at Tone Soup!

Buy Gamechanger Audio Boutique Guitar pedals now

We've got the  Plasma Pedal and the Plasma Coil in our online shop, grab one or both now!
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